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How to Build a Private ChatGPT for your organization using Azure and Chat Copilot App


Why do you need a private ChatGPT for your employees? Hey, you probably already know what ChatGPT is, right? It’s a cool way to generate text, code, images for your tasks, based on your input. You can use it for all kinds of things, like crafting proposals, summarizing documents, answering questions, and more. ChatGPT is powered by OpenAI, which is…

How to enable dark mode in MacOS quickly & easily


Hello there, The first thing I do when setting up any device is “Enabling Dark Mode”. It’s not just a cool aesthetic switch; it also has a few benefits I’m sure you’ll appreciate. While setting up my new Macbook, i thought to figure out how to do these things quickly, rather than regular long path of navigating through screens. In…

Offboard Obsolete Machines from Microsoft Defender for Endpoint


Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (formerly known as Defender ATP) allows you to onboard and offboard devices using various tools such as Microsoft Endpoint Manager, Group Policies or through a custom script. This works great when your device is still accessible, however what if the device is no longer managed by your organization’s MEM or other configuration management tool? This happens…

Book Release: Implementing Hybrid Cloud with Azure Arc


I am pleased to announce that my latest book “Implementing Hybrid Cloud with Azure Arc” is now available. This release completes my fourth book in Microsoft cloud ecosystem. With all the options available for deploying infrastructure on multi-cloud platforms and on-premises comes the complexity of managing it, which is adeptly handled by Azure Arc. This book will show you how…

All about Azure Automanage


Here is the recording of my talk at AzConf ( about Azure Automanage. In this session, I talked about How Azure Automanage can simplify the virtual machines operations management for you in Azure.

Red Hat JBOSS EAP on Azure – QuickStarts


It was a pleasure working with #Microsoft and #RedHat to accelerate JBOSS EAP deployments on Azure with JBOSS Quickstarts and various other options. The documentation is now live, check out how you can move your jboss eap workloads to Azure easily. Quickstart includes various deployment options including VMS, Clustered VMs and VM Scale sets. Deploy enterprise Java applications to Azure with JBoss EAP on…

Configure to receive Office 365 Group emails in the inbox for all users.


If you recently converted your Distribution lists in Office 365 to Office 365 Groups, you might be wondering why exactly emails sent to the email address of the group isn’t coming to your inbox. Well, emails sent to the groups by default go in the group folder in the below location. Outlook > Groups > Select your group This is…

Podcasts from Microsoft Ignite 2019


I had an amazing time earlier this month attending Microsoft Ignite in Orlando, Florida. It was a power-packed week with a lot of learning and networking. I’m still trying to catch with all the announcements that came during the week. On the 8th of November, the last day of Ignite I participated in doing podcasts with Dave Rendon., Here are…

Conducting effective virtual workshops!


With everything going around the world due to the COVID-19 crisis, conducting workshops isn’t the same anymore. I’ve had many in-person workshops scheduled around the Late March and April period which ended up getting rescheduled or were converted to virtual ones. In this post, I’ll talk about some of the best practices to follow when conducting a virtual workshop. While…

CloudLabs Architecture & Infrastructure Deployments Automation: Technical Deep Dive


CloudLabs is a hands-on lab platform used to plan, provision, and manage the lifecycle of lab environments for various scenarios including technical trainings, workshops, industry conferences, POCs, demos, etc.  CloudLabs is used by technology companies and instructors around the globe at a scale where we provision thousand of lab environments every month. In this article, we’ll take a dive into…