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About me

Hey there, welcome to my corner of the digital world! Glad to have you drop by..

I’m Amit Malik, a technology enthusiast, architect, and entrepreneur, deeply passionate about the transformative power of cloud computing & AI technologies. Over the last decade and more, I’ve helped many enterprises and startups to adapt cloud technologies, build solutions for high scale consumer applications and services.

As Chief Operating Officer @ Spektra Systems, I’m responsible for cloud products and solutions delivery, business and tech strategy, technology architecture, and people for Spektra Systems( I am an engineer at heart, always looking at developing simple solutions for complex problems.

At Spektra, we are building products leveraging public Cloud Platforms, such AWS, Azure & Google Cloud. Here is some quick information about our flagship products, used by some of the top ISVs such as Microsoft, Databricks, Teradata and many more.

  • SaaSify: A Cloud Marketplace platform, designed to empower software companies to seamlessly integrate into cloud marketplaces, requiring zero engineering effort from their end. SaaSify lets you start selling your SaaS on AWS, Azure & Google Cloud Marketplaces within 2-4 weeks with minimal efforts.
  • CloudLabs: Serving as a dynamic hands-on lab platform, CloudLabs is utilized by ISVs to showcase their solutions via scalable labs, test drives, and proofs of concept, and by educational institutions to provide a sandbox learning environment. CloudLabs harnesses the power of AWS, Azure, and GCP to orchestrate lab deployments on a large scale. CloudEvents, an extension to our CloudLabs platform lets ISVs organize marketing and outreach events that drive impact with the power of impactful hands-on experiences.
  • CSP Control Center (C3): Designed for Microsoft cloud solution providers and distributors, C3 simplifies the process for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to sell, bill, provision, and manage Microsoft cloud solutions for their customers, streamlining the entire cloud reselling lifecycle.

In addition to our products, we also develop and run special programs for Microsoft, such as Azure Expert Assessment, Azure Connected Learning Experience and many more.

From the inception of Spektra Systems in 2016, I’ve enjoyed the journey of starting from ground zero and building high impact engineering and customer success teams; the driving force behind our success. The key, in my view, is blending technical excellence with a relentless focus on customer satisfaction.

I am a tech wizard, with deep expertise and focus around developing products and solutions leveraging Cloud platforms and modern technologies such as Generative AI, Machine learning and more.

Prior to Spektra Systems, I worked with Microsoft as a Technical Consultant for Azure. I’ve designed, developed, and deployed complex solutions around Cloud, DevOps, Data center, IoT, Microsoft 365 and more. I started my career with Wipro Ltd, where i developed key technical skills and led implementation projects for large telcos and government clients.

I love writing about technology and have authored 4 books around Cloud Computing, published by Packt Publishing, UK.

I believe knowledge shared is knowledge doubled, as a Microsoft certified trainer I am regularly engaged in training and learning about Microsoft modern technologies.

As a member of Leaders Excellence at Harvard Square, I am engaged in a community of like-minded executives, where we share insights, strategies, and guidance to navigate the complex challenges of leadership in the modern business landscape.

When i am not thinking about technology, I travel. I’ve helped over 1000 people overcome their fear of height and helped them summit various peeks cross India. I am associated as Trek Leader with Plan the Unplanned, a Bangalore based travel and trekking organization.

I can be reached at or at


Experience: 12+ Years of rich Industry Experience, Worked at Spektra SystemsMicrosoft India R&D Pvt Ltd, and Wipro Ltd.

Education Background: Computer Science Graduate with executive management PG program from IIT Delhi and B.Tech in Computer Science.

Key Skills:

  • Hand-on Technology and though leadership
  • Generative AI, Data technologies.
  • In-depth understanding of Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud Platform
  • SaaS, product development, design and architecture.
  • Experience in implementing CI/CD, SysOps, and DevOps
  • In-depth expertise on Solution Architecture with a wide range of technologies comprising Cloud(Azure, GCP, AWS, AliCloud), Modern Infrastructure(Containers, Kubernetes, etc), DevOps, Data Platform, Virtualization, DataCenter, BigData, Private Cloud, IoT & emerging technologies industry and understand the solution building and selling for various verticals.
  • Experience with modern solution architecture including Microservices, IoT, Edge Computing, and AI Technologies.
  • Product Management and Team management
  • Proven business skills in evolving strategy, marketing, pre-sales, and solution selling
  • Public Speaker for industry conferences and community meetups
  • Strong Automation and Solution Development Skills

Recognition & Certification: – View my certification profile here –

Contact: I’m reachable through email( or Linkedin.