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Podcasts from Microsoft Ignite 2019


I had an amazing time earlier this month attending Microsoft Ignite in Orlando, Florida. It was a power-packed week with a lot of learning and networking. I’m still trying to catch with all the announcements that came during the week.

On the 8th of November, the last day of Ignite I participated in doing podcasts with Dave Rendon.,

Here are our podcasts recorded on 7th November at Microsoft Ignite, tune in now 🙂

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Podcast #1: Microsoft Ignite 2019 – Azure Announcements with Amit Malik

On this episode, we talk about some announcements related to Azure during Microsoft Ignite and Amit´s experience on passing certifications during Microsoft Ignite 2019

Episode Highlights

  • Introductions [0:50]
  • Amit experience on Microsoft Ignite 2019 [1:30]
  • Top Microsoft Ignite announcements for Amit [3:22]
  • Spot VMs on Azure [3:49]
  • Going Hybrid with Azure [5:59]
  • Amit´s experience of taking certifications during Microsoft Ignite 2019 [4:57]
  • Amit´s motivation to keep up on certifications [9:29]
  • Azure SAP Certification [10:30]

Tune in here:

Podcast #2: Microsoft Ignite 2019 – Experience & Takeaways with Ronen Ariely , Raphi Solarsh  and Amit Malik 

In this episode, we talk about the overall Microsoft Ignite experience and takeaways with 3 special guests: Ronen Ariely, Raphi Solarsh, and Amit Malik.

Episode Highlights

  • Introductions [0:50]
  • The overall experience at Microsoft Ignite 2019 on Interactives & Games [2:30]
  • Azure commander game [7:23]
  • About Microsoft Ignite 2019 networking and 3rd parties [10:15]
  • Top takeaways from Microsoft Ignite 2019 [14:27]

Tune in here:

That’s all for today, Signing off with a click from Orlando.

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