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Hands-on with Azure Kubernetes Service


Last month, I conducted a hands-on workshop on AKS at Microsoft, Bangalore. It was a community-driven event where we talked about AKS architecture and what it takes to host applications on Azure Kubernetes Services.

This content will help you get started with AKS and the essentials of running applications on AKS. This will also touch base aspects such as Ingress Controllers, Using Helm to deploy applications, running stateful applications such as DBs, etc.

This content is originally maintained at my GitHub repo.

Lab Guides

  1. Deploy AKS Cluster
  2. Deploy & run applications on AKS
  3. Using Kubernetes Dashboard
  4. Monitor AKS Health & Logs
  5. Using Helm and NGINX Ingress Controller
  6. Publish Applications via AKS HTTP Routing
  7. Running Stateful Applications with AzureDisks
  8. Upgrading AKS Cluster

Session Deck

Download Deck

Azure Voting App

The sample application used in the repo is developed and maintained here:

Here is a quick picture of the event.

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