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Global Azure Bootcamp 2019 is coming!


It’s only 10 days left for one of the largest and greatest technology community-driven event – The Global Azure Bootcamp.

Like every year, I’ll be taking active participation in the event. I’ll be speaking at the Benagalore event

Global Azure Bootcamp 2019 @ Bengaluru is a full-day, multi-track event about Microsoft Azure organized by Bengaluru Azure User Group on 27th April, 2019. It is free and open for everybody to join.

This is a one-day event to help people get up to speed on developing applications on Microsoft Azure. This conference will feature numerous sessions and workshops delivered by Microsoft MVPs and other expert speakers from the local community, who will chase down the latest developments in Microsoft Azure. The talks and workshops will cover a diverse range of topics including IT Pro, DevOps, Business Applications, Security, etc. The event also highlights emerging technologies like Machine Learning and IoT.

I’ll be talking about various containers technology solutions available in Azure, primary talking about docker, ACI(Azure Container Instances), AKS(Azure Kubernetes Services) and more.

You can learn more about Bangalore GAB event here.

If you’re not in Bangalore, you can check out other nearby locations for you here –

Last year at GAB, I had the opportunity the talk about all the great things about Azure Cosmos DB at Microsoft Headquarters, Redmond. Here is a still from there, Looking forward to a great session talking about two of my favorite things technology world; Containers and Azure.

Global Azure Bootcamp 2018 – Microsoft Headquarters Redmond.

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