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Developing ARM Templates – 7th Dec @ Microsoft India


Last Saturday, 7th Dec I had the opportunity to talk about developing ARM Templates for Azure deployments in a community event at Microsoft India, Bangalore Office.

Getting up on a Saturday early morning could be a daunting task, however, we had more than 35 folks who did this task flawlessly. (Okay, a few were a bit late).

I appreciate everyone who participated in the session and helped in making it a great learning experience for all. We did a quick deep-dive into developing ARM templates for various complex deployments scenarios.

As promised, I’m sharing all the content and links here.

Session Deck: Download Here

Starting with ARM Templates:

ARM Template Reference(one-stop-shop for everything you need to develop an ARM template):

Template Functions:

GitHub repo for ARM Templates –

I’d recommend everyone checking out the GitHub repo link given above and contribute if you develop any ARM templates which could be re-used by other community members across the globe 🙂

Thanks, Ilyas F ☁☁☁ for organizing the event and Deepak Rajendran for all the help from Microsoft.

Signing off with some more pictures

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